Bunnies That Lunch

A little taste of luxury

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How It Works

 All sign ups will now receive the March 'Bunny Carnival' box

The March Carnival box includes:

- 'Ill Eat My Hat' Edible Sombrero

 - Naturals Carrotys

- Shreddy Roller Play Toy

- Bright Pom Pom Chew Toyl

- Hay Filled 'Sweetie'

- Woven 'Lollipop'

- Exclusive Bunny Carnival Day Postcard Designed by Ivy Illustrations

When you sign up for Bunnies That Lunch, every month you will receive a box of carefully selected toys and treats - Worldwide shipping is available!

Orders placed during February will receive the March Carnival box - Orders placed during January will receive the February 'Valentines Day' box.

Orders are shipped at the end of each calendar month ready to arrive at the start of the next.

Step 1

Pick Your Package

Pick between a monthly box or a 3 month or 6 month subscription package to take advantage of some super savings!

Step 2

You've Got Mail!

A fantastic selection of healthy treats and safe toys delivered straight to your door every month!

Step 3

Treat Time!

The Bunnies won't need your help with this part! Watch them have great fun unboxing their mail!

Join us for Lunch!

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